Little bit of politics....

Is there such a thing as a honest politician ?

This story on how councils were alleged to be avoiding tax payments by employing people through limited companies set me on a bit of a google hunt, especially when I read this bit

Hmm, wikipedia says Margaret Eve Hodge

Without spending money on credit reports I cannot see the full picture but there are a significant number of references to Margaret Eve Hodge on a director search.
These seem to link to her late father in laws address but wouldn’t if be funny if these companies had ,at any time since her election in 1973, paid out a tax avoiding dividend to the apparently squeaky clean MP on a soap box ?

Hmmmm. Good point. I’d lay good money that there’s some hidden bungs somewhere :slight_smile:

there pretty much always is, no such thing as a clean politician, just those who’ve not been caught !

All politicians are as bad as each other.