Liverpool trip

A friend and I were supposed to get tickets for the Liverpool game tomorrow from our local brewery, suffice It to say they did not come through. We have allready booked the trip.

Here is our plea, does anyone know of anyone with a spare ticket or two. We would pay up to 200£ per ticket.

Ouch - so close to the match you might end up paying as much for the tickets as you would to get Hospitality tickets direct from the club.

Worth trying to get into some of the supporters groups on the BookFace and taking your chances?

Have a mini pub crawl pre-match around the pubs mentioned for the red side of Merseyside here?

How was it Endre?

Hope you’re safe and just nursing a hangover and were not near the small pockets of trouble.


We were Very lucky, we got tickets near the kop end.
IT was magical

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