Locking Wheel nuts

Well then, if anyone here needs a little help removing locking wheel nuts it seems Halfords and motorists discount centres now sell a handy tool for removing them.

Its a couple of universal fit sockets that are threaded on the inside and you sort of push it onto the offending nut and just keep on undoing until it bites hard enough to undo the offending nut/bolt.
The product is a “LASER - Locking Wheel nut remover, Part number 3291”

However, if you have a Ford Galaxy, VW Sharan, or Seat Alhambra and possibly any other VW I’ve found a shockingly easy way to undo the security bolts.

I’m sure this knowledge will be common amongst those who sell lots of second hand alloys but I still wont post it here in full.

If TPR Regulars find them selves stuck, drop me a PM and I will explain.

I might sell the information on Ebay just to annoy Ford since they lost the flaming key when it was being serviced and wanted to charge me for removal and supply of new bolts :rolleyes:

… but wouldn’t 3kg of semtex leave a scorch mark on the wheel :confused:

:lol: :lol:

Not a mark is left on the wheel unless the user is a clumsy oaf or perhaps wearing any form of Burberry/Bling.

I don’t think I have any “Locking Wheels” :smiley:

Locking wheel nuts only deter the motorist needing to change a flat tire. IMHO they are a useless gimick.

All you need are a few bog standard tools and theyre off in a few seconds.


Yep, one impact socket undersize and a 3 lb hammer works for me!

I always said you were a butcher !

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Damn, secrets out but not with anything as effeminate as a 3 lb hammer.

You’ll need a socket but not the impact type as these all seemed to be six sided.

Pick the 12 point socket with 1/2" drive in 24mm, hold it steady in an open ended adjustable and using measured steady blows smite the socket in until it stops and simply undo the lot.

If you dont have a bench vice you’ll need one of these sockets for each wheel as removing the bolt afterwards is, erm, troublesome :smiley:

Wouldn’t a good pair of mole grips and a big metal bar for some extra leverage do the job?


ps My car is 16 years old (and im too yight to goto a garage) so molies are needed for most jobs. :slight_smile:

The haynes manual main tools, mole grips and a big hammer lol.

What else do you need, really? And not just when you are working on cars, i don’t think there is any problem that can’t be solved with molies and a big hammer.


Add in tie-wraps and gaffer tape and you’ve got a complete tool kit suitable for anything :stuck_out_tongue:

/remembers a use for tie wraps :wink:

Oh yeah, side cutters are useful too - never know when you’ll need to remove the tie wraps again in a hurry :wink:

Steady on now you two… we thought Neal & Renata were the forum fetish fiends

About those laser alloy nut removal tools… yeah they might look the part BUT… when you spend 20 hard earnt quid on them only to realize that you have a peugeot and nothing works apart from the original key with the car then they dont do exactly what it says on the packet!!! does anybody have any idea on how to get the pin type off cause banging a socket hasn’t worked!!! thanks

You have two choices from here, local tyre shop or a scrap yard.

The scrap yard will charge less to get them off and can also supply you with wheel nuts so you can drive it home, they may damage your wheels though.

I sold the Laser tools when I found out a 24mm socket was just the right size for VW/ford/Seat people carrier wheels.
I couldnt get either size of them to bite on the security bolts

OMFG this thread is old!!! :eek: But to update you, so is my car and no bu**er would be silly enough to steal the ancient alloys on it, unless they were severely desperate. Serves em right if they do and I would get a decent set in return from insurance :smiley:


My wife has a VW Golf 1996 model and has lost her locking wheel nut socket, is the halfords socket any good alternativley is there another way to remove them.