Logon Scripts

Okeydokey, I have created a logon script to install the new Java runtime environment for a handfull of my users but they don’t have local admin rights. How do I specify a specific user in the script so when they logon it will install?

what language is the scrip in? if it’s in vbs and your running a domain then you can put those users in a group then have the script query the domain / group to see if the user is in it , then run the bit needed.

You may need to use a run as, or if you havent got it disaled create and run a scheduled task as this runs with system rights.

I’ve got examples somewhere but I’m at mojo’s so not got easy access to them.

Thanks Damski, it’s a simple .bat file that installs the Java runtime using a GPO. All I need to be able to do is stipulate what user the app will be installed as so I can get around the fact that I’ve given them as little control of their desktops so they don’t duff them all the time.

I’m sorry, I don’t know how to do it from a dos prompt , it’s why I changed our work logon script to vbs

Maybe it’s a good time for me to learn;)

I’ve always sculked away from coding, too much concentration for my liking.

How big is your logon now? If it’s not massive, It shouldn’t take much to script it. if you can pm it to me, I’ll take a look, be good to exersize the grey matter, 4 weeks off work I think I’m starting to vegitate.