Looking for Design Recomendations

I need a commerce website designing and hosting. Budget around 3k

Any recomendations for a good company to approach?

I know of a couple of people I can put you in touch with that do this stuff for a living, and I know the rates they charge will come in under your budget for one of the “off the shelf”. If you could send through some example sites that you like the design and functionality of, and a rough idea of layout you have in your head that makes the design process and quotation a lot easier to do.

Basically I know he has the dedicated server space, and a solution for the ecommerce back end. Plonk a design front end on it and you’re sorted :slight_smile:

There are other ways to setup ecommerce site on the cheap (although they still look good) using third parties like element5 and a simple basket, should expect a site designed in this way to be around half your budget.

If you haven’t seen or spoken to anyone you like the sound of get in touch :smiley:


YGPM :slight_smile:

Have you got this guys number then please DT?