looking for.....

As the title says, i’m looking for a new mmorpg to play that wont burn out 2 puters like Eve-Online did. :furious:

Tried WoW, got lvl70’s and 80’s on a couple of servers… now bored…

Tried DarkFall… nuff said… what a mess adventurine made of that release :sigh:

Anyone playing owt that might grab my intrest? :smiley:

theres allways
warhammer online (its ok)
age of conan (pretty and pretty boring)
helgate london (total drivel from the install to the uninstall)


not tried


Hellgate London seemed ok when I played the demo…

However the police cars have continent style number plates…:ghey:

Guild Wars is only really fun with a mate… Espcially if you choose a Necromancer like I did… I can barely deal any damage until I get going but by that time I’m generally very hut lol

back playing World of Warcraft for now…

anyone on the Turalyon (sp?) server from TPR can gimme a shout if they want :slight_smile:

got my own guild ‘Sparks of Insanity’ with 5 guild bank tabs and only me and the mrs active :slight_smile: got good relationship with a larger guild over over 200 folks for questing/instances :smiley:

Still on Emerald Dream here, in a large and friendly guild :slight_smile:

also have toons on emerald dream part of the same guild as toughy but i dont play so much as i have to much going on in real life :slight_smile:

i think i’ll drop a toon on emerald dream and say hi :slight_smile: will be good questing with folks from TPR :smiley:

You could try

Runes of Magic :- http://www.runesofmagic.com/en/index.html supposed to be wow like.
Archlord :- http://www.archlordgame.com/ lots of pvp once above lvl 30

RoM is a large download

both are free to play

were all hoardys here on ED so no goody 2 shoes alli peoples :stuck_out_tongue:

usually on as “toughhide” when I’m online, throw me a whisper if/when you join us :wink:

1 x undead rogue called ‘morgwai’ on Emerald Dream checking in :smiley:

i’ll drop you a /w when i see you online :slight_smile:

p.s… my mrs is also dropping a horde toon on same server :slight_smile:

grand! starter pack on its way :smiley: