looking to get back into crunching

as the title, looking to get back into crunching, on the boinc platform. Just not sure what projects are still up and running or that TPR is focusing on. Got a new rig put together and want to see what it can do.

Welcome back to TPR ColussusX :wave: Always great to see a fellow cruncher return. Various projects on for different folks, but the most common are Docking@Home, a BOINC medical research program, and Folding@Home (non-BOINC), a protein folding/medical cure program.

We also have supplied some crunchers to WCG to help out another team, who helped us out in the past and there are other projects too. Docking and Folding seem to be popular flavours at the mo.

installed and working on Docking right now.

Good Man! :slight_smile:

its odd…i should have completed 4 units, but it reset, and Boinc Manager is showing Progress on even the re-started WUs as 0%…have to do some digging around

I’ve had issues with Docking on my i7, so for me it’s simap and folding or just folding, depends on how much I want to “spend” with system on time at home.

Office machines are Docking, Simap or folding as well :slight_smile:

trying SIMAP, seems to be working ok

It’s an ongoing issue with Docking. They ask that you discard WUs that run but achieve 0 progress. Haven’t had any yet myself, but I watch for it.

Rosetta is another to consider if you like Docking. Very similar science and TPR could use an extra machine there as we don’t have much push for this project.

I’ve always liked Rosetta, didn’t know if it was still an active project. No luck what so ever with about 25 different Docking WUs, so onto Rosetta!