Looping sysprep

Fairly new HP latop of my gf seems to have a problem with sysprep stuck in a loop.

When ever you restart the machine the sysprep scripts run and the sysprep box pops up with the 3 options you have for the tool.

Now i have checked the registry incase the runkey was set and theres nothing so am at loss as to why it keeps running at boot.

Last thing i want to do is set it off and bugger it up.

Along with this issue is the issue that the user reg hive is failing to be unloaded at shutdown time i can’t seem to find the cause of this yet and also in device manager is error for “ISAPNP” , tryed removing it and letting windows pick it up again and still listed as stoped device.

Event manager has a error for

Event Type:	Warning
Event Source:	PlugPlayManager
Event Category:	None
Event ID:	269
Date:		5/1/2006
Time:		6:13:35 PM
User:		N/A
Computer:	ROBERTS
Did not prompt a user for reboot because all user-interface dialogs have been suppressed.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.

Theres a few other issues am working through but they are minor. A reinstall would be the best fix in my opinion however thats not an option currently so any help would be welcomed.


for something to run on startup it has to be in the registry under run / runonce or in the startmenu startup folder. I’ve fo8und the quickest way of finding this is to use the ‘msconfig’ tool as it shows you all this stuff in one location. (not sure if it shows run once)

I have a sheraking suspision what your ater may be in one of the runonce locations and because your not shutting down properly it’s not clearing the marker.

hope that helps or even if not gives you some ideas.

Been into all the reg run keys m8 both manually and with startupcpl tool to check for any run keys still can not fathom why sysprep is starting everytime windows boots.

I got a sneaky suspicsion that it was never “sealed” at the factory as the sysprep folder with the log files is still on the machine, am just reluctent to press the seal button and end up with a dead machine :confused:

Also the “isapnp” is mentioned in one of the log files with a comment of “removed/deleted”…

Am going to have another gander at it when i go back tonight, it’s bugging me and i won’t let it drop till it’s fixed.


Just looked in the reg and theres nothing in the run keys to sugest that sysprep should run…

Would renaming the sysprep folder stop it from running at start up ?

if not what is the likely damage of me clicking the “Reseal” button in sysprep ?