Loss of 3 old machines

Sorry people.

But with the new 4.83 rosseta client and my old machines running win98 I am getting too many zero cpu time results so moving project on those machines until a solution is found.


eek, just looked at your machines…those win98 boxes are not liking 4.83 at all :frowning:

Have you tried running Linux instead?

If you’ve never dipped your toe in the water before, I can thoroughly recommend Ubuntu 5.10. Download and burn onto a single CD. Install a dual boot system in about 20 minutes and a breeze (no pun intended) to get up and running as a cruncher. Comes packaged with the usual basics, web, email, openoffice, graphics, photo processing etc…

If you just want to try it out before loading the OS onto your system, there’s a live CD. Boot from CD and you’re up and running in 1 minute flat.

On the other hand, maybe retire and canabalize the old win98 boxes. Sell the old bits on eBay. Top up the proceeds a wee bit and go along to dabs to get yourself an AMD 3800 dual core and mobo for about £250. Stick it in one of the old cases. You will most likley only need to add new Ram and a new PSU but it will knock the pants off the win98 boxes and sit in the corner humming away all day long.

Don’t get me wrong, Rosetta can be…um, well, a bit querky sometimes, but that’s part of the challenge :wink:

I have to be able to support old win 98 machines so I need to keep at least one of them going.

I also made a mistake I had 3 win98 machines running rosetta.

I think I will try one of them on Linux as I have been toying with the idea of Linux just to try it out in general against ms bloatware.


:withstup: Linux & Rosetta Mucho Bettero, no 1% hangs

I like Nightlord’s idea :nod:

but other than that the linux idea is good :slight_smile: Ubuntu is a very good one to start with I guess. Very easy to get on with. The BOINC site should be able to tell you how to install BOINC on linux easy. The cruncher clients are also avaliable for Linux and they make a large difference on linux.

I have never had a 1% hang since the first day I loaded up the latest version on my Win98 beastie. After resetting the project it settled down and has been OK since, only stopping when the server dries up. :confused:

I did not have 1% hangs just finished with zero cpu time see rosetta forum thread.