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The following guides are here to help u. If u would like certain games listed ask and i’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

Championship Manager 4

Training is important in the development of young players and the fitness of your squad. The arrows and stars on the training screen are there for a reason. The arrows represent the improvement or non-improvement of that player with in the last week, red is a decrease, yellow same, green there has been improvement. The stars are how well the plaer is responding to the training you have set out.




U-21 Reserve team training

Coaching Assignments

Tactics will be here shortly after the training post:D

Many teams play the same way for season after season, this can work as well in CM4. If you have the right balance throughout the formation. The best tactic is the one that suits the players you have. your not gonna get much joy from playing to the front man to hold up ball if hes not good at it. Players running with ball are useless if they aint good at it.

Most teams use 4-4-2, due to the security of having safety infront of the GK. Tho this formation has weaknesses (which can be good, if u know them) the 2 centre mid players can be used to defend as well as later attack. The formation gives the best chance of altering things during the match without too many alterations in gameplay.

Everyone has their own way they want their team to play. But remember the team formation is as only good as the players in it.

If u have a creative player try and build the attack around him. If u have a solid defender good at holding,playing ball outta defence, try him in a back 3 as sweeper and try a free role :slight_smile:

Tactic for thoose that need a helping hand :wink:

There are many players that start out as description of ‘Wonderkid’ most of which are brazilian :slight_smile: If you are managing big clubs then they are easy to get hold of, only work permits stand in your way of bringing the young superstars to your club.

But if you are managing lower league clubs for the challenge to rise to the top division in your selected country then there are the few players that are just as good and cost a lot less. The problem with them is the managers reputation. Top players won’t really come to a club if the manager has a poor rating.

The tactics are as good as your players are, and vice versa :wink:

I do have a list of all the players that start the seasons as wonderkids but that would spoil your fun :stuck_out_tongue:

misc stuff in here:)

When you first enter EVE – the first impression that it gives is it is very complicated – Please don’t be daunted as in fact it is not that hard to learn. Although CCP (makers of EVE) give you a tutorial – it is basic to say the least and really doesn’t give any direction on what to do after the tutorial is finished. Hopefully this will change.

Right here we go

Create your character – This is the first confusing bit as without being in the game , you are not sure what to pick. I recommend that you choose a profession first then make a rough guess of the skills you might need as you go through the selection process. Don’t worry to much as you can buy most of the skills after you get in the game.

You are in the game J and you are presented with a tutorial, before you go ahead and follow it, do the following things:

Go to channels on the “Neocom” (the toolbar on the left hand side of your screen) you may have this already up. Click on the Corp tab and you should quite few people who are in corp. This Corp is the school you chose on character selection. Most people with the school are new players and majority are very helpful. So please don’t hesitate to ask a question. Throughout your early days in EVE, keep an eye on this chat as you may learn something about the game, you had never even thought to ask

Next thing to do is to get your skills working – Skills sets are the foremost important thing in EVE apart from money (ISK) On the Neocom select Character Sheet or just double click on you Character’s picture on the top left hand side and you will be presented with your Characters Attributes, you will notice that below the picture of your Character you will see a list of skills – To train them just right hand mouse click on the skill and select the option which says “train to level #” the skill will start training and give you an estimated time of completion. This time will count down whether you are online or not. I recommend the first skill you choose to train is Mining.

Right go through the tutorial – this will give you some ideal of the EVE world – on navigation, mining, refining etc. Please try and follow the tutorial carefully as sometimes if you make a mistake there is no way back or to go on. And then you are on your own.

Once the tutorial is completed you are ready to start making money and learning more skills Keep an eye on your skill set so once a skill is finished train the other. Next one to train is refining (if you have it) or just move on to mining level 3 Also train the frigate skill to level 2 as soon as you can.

I know your impulse is to go and explore but quite honestly you are better off where you are for the time being as most sectors can be dangerous and as you move out of the noob sectors – mining will be harder for noob ships as you will be preyed upon by lurking pirates. Keep an eye on the sector security (Top left hand side under the name of the system) anything below 0.8 you will start to run into some trouble mining these systems. The noob sectors (Security Status 1.0) are policed and will keep away any pirates.

Mining – this is the quickest way to make money when you are starting off. As you know from the tutorial the upside down triangle is a Asteroid Belt – the easiest way to find this is to locate the systems name on the top left hand side next to your character picture. On the left hand side of the name is a symbol which looks like to equals sign on top of each other. Left hand click on this and it will give you all the type of objects within your system and then click on the Asteroid Fields and then it will show the different Asteroid fields in that system – click this and it will give you an option to “Warp to” The best asteroid type to mine as a noob is Omber – it will take you approximately 3 trips to get enough to refine but it is worth it. You should get roughly (Skill set dependant) 16k isk for each 500 Omber you refine. Haul it back to your base you started from and keep doing that for a while until you get about 20k. Once that has been reached go on the market – look for a Miner 1 and purchase this device. You may have to go out of the system to get it. But make sure you come back to you home system as this is more likely to have most of the stuff you need for this guide.

Fit the Miner 1 to your ship replacing the basic miner. You will notice mining will go a lot quicker. :slight_smile:

Using the Map system:

To find and set a course to another system do the following:

Open up the map feature on the Neocom
Right hand click anywhere on the map and select Search…
Type in or part of the name of the place you want to go and click on search
The results will then be presented on the screen
Right hand click on the place you want to go to and click on Show Info
Once the Show info box comes up – you will see on there how many jumps it will take you
Down the bottom of the info box click on Show on Map
You may have to click this a few times until the 3D dynamic maps show you the name of the system you are going to.
Right hand click on the name shown on the map and then click on Set as Destination.
Close the map down and use the autopilot, or: if you rotate round your screen you will see gate which is coloured yellow and will tell you how many jumps are left to your destination. Warp to the gate – this may take a few jumps as your warp engines are only good for about 2.0au
If you cannot find the yellow gate it may be hidden behind another object – but there is always a faint yellow tinge of the destination gate showing. Click on the yellow tinge and the objects will rise above it showing in full your yellow gate.
Remember to train your skills !!

Right get back out mining J get about 50k and then go on to the market again and buy a Tormentor. This ship is a little faster and almost doubles your cargo hold. Again you may have to travel to a different system to retrieve this ship. Remember to transfer all you items and fitted equipment on to the new ship.

Go back and do some mining – get about 100k and look on the market for the navigation skill (if you don’t already have it) the Afterburner skill and an afterburner device. Train the navigation skill first then the afterburner skill. Fit the afterburner device to a mid range slot. Unfortunately you will not have enough power to run the afterburner and the guns – So take out the guns and leave them in your hold. This is a trade off for speed verses defence but to be perfectly honest it is better to outrun things now as with the standard guns you have are not going to kill anything. The afterburner is a good device and it allows you to activate when approaching Stations, gates and asteroid fields. You may have to activate it a few times to get where you are going but will shade minutes of you trip time and helps mining go that bit faster. The afterburner uses a midrange slot. To access this you must located the circle in the middle bottom of your screen (where you basic miner is) And click on the middle blue button to access your midrange section.

Remember to train your skills !!

Another optional way to mine faster is the use of drones. The Tormentor holds 3 drones (you need the drone level 3 to use all drones) A mining drone costs about 30k isk but these blighters do help. Skills required are Drone, Mining Drone activation.

Once you have a bit of isk and are comfortable with the feel and use of the game have a look at joining a Corp – in every station you will see under the offices section a list of Corps that hold either a HQ or office there. Don’t join the first one you see, look around first and look on the forums on EVE’s website for info on Corps. Find one you like the sounds of and then click Join Corp. Click on what you would like to do within the Corp and you application will be sent. Please note it may take a few days for you application to be received and approved or disapproved. You will receive and in-game email to that effect. Go back to the station where you applied. To accept an application – Click Join Corp button again and you will have some choice to review and then you can accept your application. Your Corp chat tab will change to the Corp chat but not straight away – leaving the station sometimes helps this along.

Ok that’s it – a quick intro into getting started with EVE – but this guide does not cover everything and if you don’t know – do not be afraid to ask – remember: we were all noobs once J

P.S. Remember to train your skills !!

More guides here Guide is copied from there and I added the pics :slight_smile:

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