Managing headless Linux servers

So, one of my main network servers goes down, not on the Windows network any more, can’t ping it, can’t SSH, to all intents and purposes dead.

In these circumstances the only thing left with a headless box is to power cycle here at Mojo Towers, so that’s what I did. Intent scrutiny of the HDD activity showed a normal restart, and a “beep” told me that the login window had appeared.

Still can’t see BOINC, no SSH, no Samba, no shares. Hmmmm.

Must be the network card or cable. So I checked the activity on the switch, all the right lights on, no activity on ping, so changed the cable, still no result. Hmmmmm.

Remove to lounge and plug in a monitor etc. to debug the network card and the problem was immediately obvious.

When working with headless servers make sure the one you are messing about with is the dead one, not the visually identical but 100% functional one next to it…

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I have to admit, mine all have labels on them with the names :smiley:


:haha: classic!

Yup…I did same then I labeled everything in the office. Oops is always a pain!

:lol: Can happen to anyone. Nice one Mojo. :smiley: