Manually dding Seti classic cli as a service on XP Pro.

Hi - i need to find a way to manually add the CLI client as a system service on a win xp box. There must be some registry key or something that can be changed/added to.

I plan to capture this change into an MSI so that i can distribute the MSI across a small network - all the cli’s will connect to a local SetiQ.



Check out “Setiservice”

or Geordie’s DC guides

Both have worked for me, haven’t tried Geordie’s stuff on Xp but it worked on 2k.

Geordie’s stuff works but there are some niggly problems with the service stalling (pretty much at random) on 2k and XP - I’ve always put it down to SRVANY being an NT utility that was never upgraded.

The best way to run it (don’t know how it would fit into your plans) is as a scheduled task that runs at machine startup (i.e. pre-logon ;)).

Cheers guys - im gonna make a MSI of the seti install (set up with user/proxy info etc, but not downloaded a w00t yet) and put that on some PC’s and then i can manually set up the client as a service from the server (as long as the PC is on) using scheduled tasks.

That will have to do for now.

Heres to more w00ts, and 10k soon hopefully.