MAOJC, your shifting a bit

Daily output :eek:
I’m putting out one or two units but your still going to run past in a day or two :nod:


Bet he’s after Mojo :lol:

Then the fat chicken-guzzling tart better bring it awwwwn :moon:

Yup, that will do it. :nod:

Here I come ya ale swilling traveling slacker & tart! :smackbum: :moon::moon:

Beware the beasts of the Night :devil:

You had better looketh in the rear view mirroreth!
Prepare to be spanketh!

So, I lookethed in the rear view mirror and all I saw was MAOJC getting smallereth :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I reckon you’ve ganged up on me - diverting me onto Rosetta will keep me from stomping mojo at Seti, so just have to do it here instead :chuckle: :stomp:

In my defence m’lud, I woz provoked :rolleyes:

Anyway, more where that came from :smiley:

Patience is a virtue Sir nighty night, me small Newegg boxeth has not arrived with my new :stomp:ing boots! :lol:
PS it would be a real shock if Son of Stompinator made a reappearance. But let’s see what this new batch will bring.


I can’t live with that heat, but in the mean time follow my trail to the Mojo stomping ground :wink:

For sure, that big ole’ travelling tart needs a good :smackbum:

Here you go Landlord! :moon::moon::moon::moon: