Maybe its time

Some days I wonder if I am the only one still here.

Perhaps nostalgia isn’t what it used to be and I should move on.

[This space reserved for a witty comment which currently eludes me]

Thanks all.

about a dozen of us active in the last month on last check :frowning:

tbh, don’t have much to say - same shit and all that

So busy these days but still around.

Still lurking. Kinda negative feedback cycle. No one posts here, nothing to reply to, don’t feel like starting something.

I’d probably be more active on discord if anyone other than DT ever posted on it.

that be new fangled tech though :smiley:

It really just reminds me of irc

Don’t lurk as much as i should it generally work sleep work but still around :slight_smile:

You look round enough from here slim… :grinning: