Megasquirt ? Omex ? or any other DIY EFI ?

Now then, if I fancied a challenge, how about adding fuel injection to a car that is old and wobbly ?

My venerable old SD1 has a pair of semi electronic carbs, guess how well these work 25 years on with it having been in storage since 1993…

Yeah, well one of them works and I could investigate by dismantling stuff but with Rover having vanished I dont hold out much hope of finding spares for things like the electric choke circuit.

So after a brief trawl of Ebay I happened to spot these

After a bit of chin stroking I am of the opinion these would perhaps work rather well on a straight six Rover engine with a moderate amount of arseing about.

Heading off at a tangent, many years ago after reading several of David Vizards articles on porting cylinder heads I did just that to my car over a weekend.
I fitted new valves and S rated springs as well
It was very happy to rev afterwards and was faster in top speed, accelleration and eating brake pads.

I since found this tucked away on a website

So I was right to open the inlet ports up albeit with a Black&Decker and some Stella but it was happy to pull 70 in second and would eat my friends Capri 2.0s from a standstill.

So its time for the old bus to ride again and I’m thinking some more modern technology could make it into a lot of fun.

Has anyone here dabbled with building their own EFI system ?

They wouldn’t let me touch stuff like this when I worked in the garage as I tended to cause fires :chuckle: I like to play but have no knowledge I’m afraid. :frowning:

Motorbike carbs is the key :slight_smile:

Hmmmm, finding out the SD1 has HIF44 carbs is an unexpected bit of news.
With some different seals and blocking off a couple of breather vents they become the same carbs as fitted to the MG metro Turbo.

In fact I could run the breather pipes to a pair of boost gauges instead.