Memory error code

Have had some random restarts with Windows Vista. One of the things listed was a memory error. When rebooting the computer on the initial page where you can enter the bios etc. I can hit F9 to get into the diagnostics.

Under the diagnostics, when it runs its tests on the cpu, memory etc, it is showing the memory as failed and an error code of BIOME-1.

I have traced it down to 1 of the 4 sticks of memory (in other words, remove the offending stick and I no longer get the error code).

I have tried googling the code but come up with nothing. All the memory is being reported everywhere (BIOS shows 4 sticks of 1024 in each slot).

I spent 2 hours on the phone yesterday with tech support for the computer, doing everything they asked and they came up with the same diagnosis, and instead of them sending out a new stick of memory under warranty, they want me to send the whole desktop to them so they can replace the memory.

WTF is up with that?? I mean I had to remove all the memory and install the sticks individually per the tech support person telling me what to do. Don’t they think I can replace 1 stick of memory and send the duff one back to them???

Does anyone know just what that error code means?

I did a quick google search, but without knowing what company wrote the bios (award, or maybe your OEM… Dell, IBM, etc), its tough to do a meaningful search.

The computer is an HP Pavillion M9100t if that helps. I’m out of town for work right now so I can’t acess the machine to give you any more info at the moment. The computer is ~6 months old at the moment.

This isn’t an answer, but if the information on this page is accurate…

… your bios might have been supplied by one of the following companies:

Phoenix - Award,
or American Megatrends.


Well, it isn’t that it unexpectdly turns on, it’s that it does random restarts. This machine is a cruncher, so I leave it on all the time.

I had this happen back sometime ago…turned out it was VIDEO causing it. The wonderful vista was using some Virtual RAM for Video…I got new drivers installed, and it went away.

I was really glad to have read your article as my sister has had her HP for 3weeks and it crashes and shows the error BIOME-1.
After more than an hour telephoning South Africa( they have changed the base from India!) I was told to prepare the machine for repair as they think that it must be one of the memory sticks that is at fault!
Does anyone take notice of what faults seem similar so check those first?
I did put in the message that a free telephone call would be appreciated otherwise it makes a mockery of saying there is a FREE guarantee for one year!

Well, HP wouldn’t send me a stick of memory to put in the machine. They wanted me to send it in to them to fix it. My wife then called them the next day and said that wasn’t an acceptable option. They then told her we could take it in to Best Buy and have them fix it under warranty. I wasn’t told about that option at all when I called them!!!

So, I took it to Best Buy while we were gone for a few days doing some camping and it was fixed and waiting for me to pick it up when we returned. This was much faster then sending it to HP to fix it.

Sorry to have confused you P51 Mustang but what I meant was to prepare the machine to be picked up and sent away for repair to be returned in 10 days!
Even here in Wales U.K. we do not have the luxury of a company calling to the house to fix their product.

And what I was getting at, they wouldn’t send a stick of memory to me so that I could replace it and send the duff stick back.

After all, I went through all the trouble with HP’s tech support to find out what the problem was and then which stick of memory it was only to have them say, “Nope can’t send you a stick, you have to send the PC back to us to replace that stick”. I mean I deal with all the computer issues on the work PC’s plus my own. I am a competent person. I had to remove all the memory from the PC, then add it back 1 stick at a time to find which stick was bad. Only to have them say we can’t send you a new stick.

HP really do suck lately at customer care… Ive made a decision to avoid there stuff wherever I can but there printers are so well made we cannot avoid buying them :frowning:

The funny thing is Dell have been total opposite to that and have been excellent… a hard drive went in my laptop had the replacement at the office the next day and I just sent the broken one back with the courier :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=shwn29;426746]Sorry to have confused you P51 Mustang but what I meant was to prepare the machine to be picked up and sent away for repair to be returned in 10 days!
Even here in Wales U.K. we do not have the luxury of a company calling to the house to fix their product.[/QUOTE]

Dell will do that if the item is in the warranty period. They’ve come out to us as a business user on numerous occasions to fit stuff under warranty and in recent times, within a few days, not 10 days.

you resolve problem with error code?
I have HP nx6310 and Vista on it.
I must flash my bios and now Vista run correctly…

Yep, got the memory stick replaced and no more error code.

I was upgrading may memory too, but I don’t remember before or after bios upgrade :slight_smile:
on my nx6310 wireless connection losing signal and act very strange … after talking with customer service she say that is my fault and she can’t do nothing about it … :frowning:

when I go to HP office and have little “nice” chat with HP staff I got brand new HP nx6310… with new memory, HDD and DVD-RW :smiley: :smiley: