Merry Christmas to Step2000

:moon: :kickbum:

Run away faster or I will have to :stomp: you as a Christmas present :moon:



Come on by that’s ok…I’m just plug’n along here. I was going to go buy 4 new systems for house for XMAS but wife said better pay daughters college bills first…so no new stuff for a while.

well, at this rate it’s going to be a real early present :lol:

RMA’d card is pushing the units out to match the other one - other one was suspect from day one, it turned up opened, without the covering on the heatsink and the power cable was not in a bag :frowning: Retailer arranged collection and swap from courier and now I’m cooking :smiley:

:driving: To think, these two GPU cards are outputting the same as my farm of 14computers I had in the loft!


well, for me the stats are proving what I’ve read all over the net. The 768Mb GTX460 card is a beast of a folding GPU. Nice low power usage compared to a 280 and a couple of thousand more points per day into the bargain :smiley:

Heck, I might even :stomp: Step before December at this rate :smiley: That top 100 challenge is looking achievable :chin: