Yer all a bunch of slackers but,

A BIG merry Christmas to you all !

:grin3: :grin3: :grin3: :grin3:


ye merry christmas


yep merryxmas all :slight_smile:

Merry Christams King Tart :grin3:

oooh yah merry chrimbo everinkboding hic :smiley:

Hope eveyone has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! :grin3:
From the Mathena family…

merry xmas everyone and a happy new year to you all :grin3:

back at ya Sarge, may you have gotten plenty of hampers for the day and a crane to lift you from your seat after the monster pigout :lol:

Have a great day !!!


Merry Xmas everyone!

same to you Sarge.

and Mulda, i just want to say thanks for the sig, Cordelia just had the same effect as half a dozen paracetamol, a hangover remedy and an antacid! (and a cyalis :wink: )

Merry Christmas to one and all :banana:

Off to the in-laws for the rest of the day, only 5mins walk so means I can still have a few :glug: :wink: Looking forward to some serious turkey action and a plentiful supply of trifle, gateaux etc for dessert :boggle:

Have a good one guys :thumbsup:

Merry Christmas one and all (Well apart from HoI :grin3: )

Lets get on with the drinking :funknana:


Merry Cheistmas Sir Tartius Maximus. Now it is about time you got down to stuffing that huge pie hole of yours. :smiley:

Merry Crimbo everyone :grin3:

Hope you’re all as stuffed as I am, but with a little room left for a few more beers :cheers:

… now thinking of trying to sell 4 bags of used wrapping paper (+ assorted plastic ties/clips) on EBay :lol:

happy christmas everybody! :cool3: :cool3: :grin3: :cool3: :cool3:

Merry Christmas to all!

Ooops, I am well and trully late Hope everyone had a fantastic day :thumbsup: