Well, I’m not going to mine bitcoins to fund science…I still prefer to help the scientists get their data analyzed. So, I’m still working the Rosetta front.

And on that front, I have trail-blazed to the front of the pack to claim our first 6M marker for the team :slight_smile: :trophy:

Well done The_Saint!!!

Since SIMAP ended I’ve switched 2 crunchers over to it and now climbing up the ranks again, but I doubt I’ll ever catch you.

Great job Saint!! :thumbsup: Nice boost for the Team

Hmmm…just moved up to the 7M Rosetta club :slight_smile:

Nice job Saint :thumbsup:. Putting all my cores on POEM at the moment, but will probably split the cores up at a later time.

Oh Really?

/goes to meddle with his minions!!

Excellent Job! See we still are a group of crunching crazed people, LOL!

Just warming up the boosters :smiley:

Will be:stomp: ing Egad Ivegoninsane in 7 days time!! Next on the list then is Monitor-Man who has 31 days to get a jiggle on!!!


Monitor-Man has 10 days until certain doom :slight_smile: The_Saint your sitting at 150 days until doom!! :smiley:

I’ll see if I can knock about 50 days off that target :slight_smile:

I am well and truly stomped… good job :smiley: !

@M.D. Petermeier you have roughly 9 days to remove your things from second place… I am moving in!!!

@The_Saint_(LDS) you have little under 60 days to make some changes otherwise your moving into second and I will take over the top spot for you…

Consider yourselves warned :wink: