Mind Warping

I am indepted to Sir Ulli :wall: for blowing my mind by his post in the Astropulse forum pointing to this.

Hmmm, I dont know what your are mean:confused:

Sir Ulli

You mean you actually get all this stuff Ulli, Wow. Takes me about 5 mins to read, think about and understand each bloody line, a whole afternoon to get through the article.
I must be going senile :confused:.

erm blows my mind:eek:

How do you tell a Black hole from a worm hole ?

If I read that right:confused:

If its a non moving blackhole you surely hit the dense center
at somepoint.

If its a wormhole you shoot out the other side.

But if light can’t escape either how do you know its either/or/neither:confused: unless your see a whitehole.

Or a funnel traveling forward and out from our point of space
to the edge of the universe, if the core of a blackhole is moving
away from our point could it not be a never-ending funnel travelling out at the speed of light for where you travel with it
at the speed of light never to make any progess in an effect
where time stands still.

Ok my head hurts now :wall:

Originally posted by The Balrog

I must be going senile :confused:.

Don’ you mean sterile! l:lol: :chuckle:

Originally posted by MAOJC
Don’ you mean sterile! l:lol: :chuckle:

LOL. Yeah, probably got fried gonads from all those blue shifted gamma rays during my last trip through our local wormhole.
Must be by far the quickest way back from the pub. Don’t know how else I got home. :smiley:

I understood most of that, but I have done A-Level Physics… so that might help a little… :wink:

read it, digested it, comprehended (most of) it, now going back to bed with some paracetamol…:confused: