mine :D

as of tuesday, one of these on the drive :smiley:

should be fun after the initial 1000miles of 4000rpm limitations



In that colour? If it is - it suits it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been in one of them — fastest thing between speeding tickets :stuck_out_tongue:

Very ubercool nice J.
I’d like one of those but :shrug: you know how it is.

would love one of them but i’m having trouble getting a delivery date for a dawoo …lol

Great cars but I just can’t stand the bug eye’s these newer verisons have
much prefer the older styling.

Chap at work has i think a L reg scoobie in silver excellent example goes like a rocket and you can hear it a mile off .

WRX’s seem to be going rather cheap these days secondhand since the STI came out.

the scooby is indeed a suberb motor vehicle, and prices have dropped massively. Dizzy did a PX on his and if he had told me at the time how much he was going to get I would have snapped it up. Yes, the turbo and mods he had done meant expensive running costs - but boy was it quick :driving:

So what about a review and some pics then Dancin ??


well its 2 weeks old now and its time for its 1000mile service (oil change/check nothings falling off etc)

the last 2 weeks driving have been very infuriating , having to limit revs to 4K which is really only half the range as it idles just under 1K and red line is 7K.

will let u know after the weekend :chuckle: