Missing Folding icon

As ever I’ve been clicking without knowing what I’m doing, I’ve managed to ‘loose’ the fah tasbar icon, it’s still running, I can see it in task manager, there’s nothing listed in services so it’s not running as a service, the icon isn’t just hidden either…

Any ideas?

if I stop all the processes in taskmanager and run the shortcut thats in the start menu it works and the icon shows.

confuddled, I am…

arrrr, that’s a shame … I tell you what, just install Seti instead :angel: or better still change the username to Double_Top, it’ll work fine then :hehehmm:



Here is a link from a related article on folding_community.org (I haven’t read all the way through so not sure if it will help)


I recall reading that someone re-installing the client and that fixed the problem. It is somewhat of a bug with the GUI client (5.03).

If you have work underway, download the console client 5.04b and move it to the current folding directory. Shutdown the GUI version and run the console client in its place. Type fah504-console.exe -local -oneunit That will get you through your current work unit and won’t download another. This way you can finish your work and then re-install the GUI client. AFAIK thats the only way to restore the icon. Best of luck