Missing NTLDR but no xp disk??

Can someone help,
my HP pavillion computer isnt working its bringing up the missing ntldr message but i have no repair disk or xp disk… it wasnt provided with the computer when i bought it.
I really need a quick fix as i have work on there that needs to be done for a deadline, is the only way to fix it with a repair cd/xp installation disk or is there something else i can do to get it working and fast?


I’m going to take a shot in the dark here, because it’s a long time since I’ve used a HP or Compaq machine. If I remember correctly, HP machines have a recovery partition on the HD, that is normally accessed from a recovery disk that the user has to create when they get the machine, and I’ve been guilty of not doing that myself.

Like I said, long time ago. But if I remember correctly, the thing I did at the time was to use another machine at a mates house to download and burn an ISO that cured the problem from HP. There are peeps more knowledgeable than I that could point you in the direction of how to access the HP site from a linux cd boot (It is a software, not a hardware prob?)

Since you are able to post, I’m assuming you have net access one way or another, so I’d suggest you dig around the HP site to see what’s available. Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks i found the disk now my mum created one luckily!

Well I hope it ‘fixed’ the error and didn’t simply return the computer to its original state - as in wipe all your stuff off :eek:

A common reason I used to see for NTLDR errors was the operator leaving a floppy disc in the drive on boot up :lol:

If you do get stuck in a situation like this you can use an OEM disk and the licence number off the sticker on the side of the PC and then do a repair install. The only issue then is the drivers for the graphics & mobo if the existing hard disc is corrupt.

a little app I’ve used called mbrfix, basically it creates a floppy disk that you can then use to do a mbr repair - and it doesn’t need the cd. Basically it’s the same as doing a fdisk /mbr


Yeah it did get rid of everything unfortunately.