Missing User Accounts

My friend added a user to her lappy and in the process it BSOD’d. When she rebooted the lappy only the new users account was available in the welcome screen. The administrator account and her own account, which has administrative privilages were not there.

It is possible to log on using the administrator account and her own account by pressing ctrl-alt-del and entering the username and password.

I have tried disabling the welcome screen and then re enableing it but those two accounts are still missing

How can I get them back?

If i’m understanding the question… Yes

That method of CTRL ALT Delete at the main log on screen will allow
you to access any given account setup.

I know ctrl-alt-del works but she wants to use the welcome screen “with the pretty pictures” :rolleyes:

TweakUI from the XP powertoys can be used to control what
accounts are and are not displayed on the Welcome screen.
You can force XP to show an account on the Welcome Screen
by editing registry at


Add the account to the list and set it’s registry entry to a value
of 1 to force display or to value 0 to force it to not display.
While you are there you may notice some items in the list
with high values other than 0 or 1. These entries control
non-display of similarly named accounts which begin with
the string used to name the registry entry.

(Scraped from the 'net - I take no credit IF it works and no liability if it fails :slight_smile: )