MK1 Golf Turbo

I was chatting to a friend of mine on Saturday who is a fanatic when it comes to modding cars.

He has a MK1 Citi Golf with a 1.8 Audi TT motor in it. He has added the largest turbo possible and is running 1.9 bar bost. I’m not very clued up on all this stuff but it sounds pretty awesome. He uses 3 different additives in the fuel he uses which is already 102 octane:eek:

332 kw
640 nm torgue at 6500 rpm
0 - 100 kmh in 3.5 secs

If he is travelling on the highway at 140 kmh in 6th and he puts his foot down the car immediately wheel spins. I went for a spin in it when it was at 230 kw and trhat was awesome enough. The suspension travel at the moment is only about 2 inches which make for a very hard ride so he only uses it on the track for drag racing.

Total money spent so far, R250 000 or around 25 000 quid:eek:

That thing is just nasty:nod:

Bit dubious of his 0-62.5mph time , cant see a front wheel drive doing that much under 4 seconds especially with super stiff suspension which is bugger all good for fast exceleration

I know people that are running stripped out Nova’s that weigh 800kg running 450bhp + 150 shot of N20 , with suspension set up especially from drag racing and running super wide slicks that are only just hitting that

world recored for a road legal car BTW is 2.83 seconds and thats was a 1000bhp 4wd nova

there is a Golf somewhere on the net with 800 BHP

and I bet it doesent do 0 - 60 in 3.5 either…

prob not… had a quick look but can’t find the one i’m thinking of :frowning:

Found another 800BHP Golf but a newer year 2000 model 2.8 - 4motion
4 wheel drive and thats 0-62 in 4.5 sec. Twin Turbo on a VR6 engine.

The 0-60 time is clearly an estimated one based on the cars power, and weight. Grip is not taken to account in these estimates, so althrough it is theoretically possible, it is never actually attainable in the real world.

Whats your mates name Juggy?


Think you need to cast your googles back a bit further, I’ve a nagging suspicion the Guiness book of records holder for fastest 0-60 time in a production car was . . . . . . .

DRUM ROLL . . . . . . . .

A Metro

Not a 1.0 City Lx of course, the 6r4 plastic monstrosity

3.2 seconds in “International” spec and road legal too, 0 - 100 in 8.2 is quite impressive too

Were talking about 2wd here tough are we not? 6r4 was 4wd so find it far quicker to get to 60 due to lack of wheelspin :slight_smile:

If you highly modify suspension, chassis and proper drag tyres then you can get a 2wd car to do 0-60 in under 3 seconds. EG a 750bhp Nissan 200sx like mine that does 0-150mph in 9.7 seconds (0-60 in around 1.5), another 200sx that does 0-160mph in 8.6 seconds.

But not with normal road tyres, no chance, and a FWD car will fare even worse than a RWD car.


Probably theoretical but quite believable. He does use widened rims with slicks imported from Japland at around R4000 a piece. His car has been lightened and a hell of a lot done to it.

If you think about it the Subaru WRX STI does 0-100 in around 5.7 seconds

He has been invited to race at Wesbank Raceway with flights/courier and accomodation payed for to race in an event there in December.

His name is Daneel Liebenberg.

I’ll try and get some more info.

I didn’t mention ‘‘production car’’ but as you did its here and it aint no plastic metro

Well, heres one notable omission from that list

I wonder how many more should appear on the under-5 list ?

many Westfields are road legal :devil: I know my mates is :smiley:


loads and loads, its an old list

looking for mk1 cortina, preferaby from a scrap yard to do up, does any one know a dealership or scrap yard that would sell any? tried looking with no luck

Holy thread resurrection Batman!

hmm, indeed - I think closing is probably the easiest thing to do :sigh: