Monitoring the Boinc CLI

I’ve now got Boinc installed as a service. I know its working cause task manager is telling me so. What is the best app to monitor its progress and how many woots I have etc ? :slight_smile:

I use BoincView which still has a few problems but just spotted doRPC. Might be worth a go

I’ve looked at doRPC but its all in German :frowning:

:doh: Looks like Boincview then, unless there are any other offers.

Boincview in use here as well, monitoring both Win and *nix boxes. It’s a bit overcomplicated for my liking, this was part of the reason Lifemapper Driver as it is now evolved. Was going to be the next project, but got a very live one at work at the moment with a deadline looming, so thats coming first.