More foot and mouth

Not sure how long this one will last but have a look at this

New foot and mouth outbreak and on the right another BBC article saying “FEATURES
Foot-and-mouth sign Lessons learned
How did the government get its response so right this time?”

How the last outbreak was contained and eliminated so quickly :rolleyes:

Almost worth a screen print

more overtime for Becky …


Suspected case in lanarkshire too :frowning:

and guess who i work for …

Not something we need in my place of work at the mo :frowning: esp with exports

Luck this time around only a week or 2 not being able to export but if it escalates more this 2nd time around who knows.

I remember the nightmare from a few years back and that hit hard with us being a cheese company and with inreasing cheese prices as it is and a 30 Million new factory build…

Did not realise that the Virus can survive for 20+ weeks in hay though.

Oh joy. Here we go again…