More Madness ...

I honestly didn’t think that petty bureaucracy could get any worse, sadly I was mistaken …

A baker in Dorset has been told she must rename her pies - because they don’t contain Pork, Robins, or Paradise :rolleyes:

Full story here

So … I guess this also means the end for Cottage Pie, Shepherds Pie, Toad in the Hole …

… come on gang, let’s have a list of other things that don’t actually “contain” items related to their name :wink:

i read that in the mail, it is stupid grrrr i got soo angry

mince pies - contain fruit

lamb chops - i dont see any mouth in their

SIRloin steak - a human title for a peice of steak nooooo

bakewell tarts - how do you know they dont make just mediocor

I’m drinking a Cobra beer right now. Doubt it contains fermented reptile. Then again… :smiley:

Similarly for Kingfisher.

LMAO @ Cobra beer … Don’t think I’ll try anymore of that Spitfire :eek: :smiley:

Lemon fingers / iced fingers contain no fingers

You could have much fun with some cheese not all exactly made where advertised… Lancashire made in cheshire, wenslydale erm made in cheshire, derbyshire made in cheshire, red leciester made in you guessed it Cheshire :smiley:

Bubble and Squeak contains no bubbles or in fact any squeak :confused: :smiley:

CupCakes contain no cups.

On the beer theme Strong Bow, contains no Bow’s / Stowford press does not contain a Press.

… Trading Standards… :wink: Don’t do any trading.

and what do sweatbreads taste of :puke:

Has anyone had rattatoulle lately ?

OMG. Angel delight. hides

Iv an Han cock? What kind of name is that?

Job for trading standards, me thinks… Off with his head!

/edit/ Then again, maybe not :slight_smile:

Fish Fingers
Black Forest Gateau
Cheddar Cheese, and just half of the other cheeses you can think of

surf n turf contains neither grass mud or salty water

On the sweets front…

Penny Chews / Fruit Salads / Mojo’s / Blackjacks / starbursts / Skittles /

Mars: I’m sure has never been near nor contains any red planet.

As tempted as I am, I wouldn’t include Milky Way or Galaxy. It could be argued they were made in or of itself respectively.

Jelly Babies
Midget Gems

Horse Radish ? … naaay :wink:
Spring Onions … boing

Spotted Dick and custard is no longer on the menu then

Rock cakes
butterfly cakes
Hedgehog crisps


On the beer theme Strong Bow, contains no Bow’s[/QUOTE]
Nor does it contain apples but it gets the job done:D

Bloody Mary doesn’t contain blood or Mary…
Subway sandwich’s dont contain trains.

[QUOTE=PMM;373303]On the sweets front…


I think I’d know if there was freshly squeezed Mojo in those. You’ll all be glad to know there isn’t :wink:

Bye bye to some of my fave ales

Bishops Finger :scared:
Old Wych stout
Dragon Heart

how about “faggotts”? :smiley:
the list goes on :rolleyes: