More stats on BOINC stats

Just noticed this little gem on BOINC Stats

Rosetta stats for CPU’s etc…seems quite intresting…Shows how popular Intel actually are :rolleyes:

My chip’s only in 24th place…the 64 bit 3500 is behind the XP 2400+?! :eek: Will have to change that :stuck_out_tongue: :flip:

Cool stats, but it’s hard to draw too many conclusions. AMD just recently moved to just over 20% of annual sales (, with Intel owning almost the entire remainder. So if you look at things like Total Credit, or even average credit (Total Credit / days on project), I’d expect Intel to dominate the bulk of the produced credits. The credit per cpu (and average per cpu) are more interesting to me, but still aren’t clean, as I’m pretty sure peeps who crunch more than one project will hurt the stats for their model of cpu.

Having just caveated the dickens out of all the stats, I’ll hypocrtically proceed to point out that on the average per cpu sort, AMD chips hold 16 of the top 20 slots (a mix of Opterons, Dual CPUs, MPs and one lonely mobile XP2600+). Three of the four Intel spots are Xeons, with a 3GHz P4 in at spot #18.

My self interest also perks up and notices the two dual-core AMDs at slots 3 and 4, and the AMD FX-55 not showing up until slot 30. The FX is probably no slacker, just exists in small numbers and probably doing more than rosetta, so down the list it goes. But I’m agonna get me some of those Dual Core babies any day now, I canz just feel it. :smiley: :smiley: