Motorola V557

Anyone have this phone or know anything about it? I can upgrade my phone in about 1 week and get this one for free after rebates and a contract ext. Ive never had a camera phone before and dont know much about them. Any help would be appreciated.:slight_smile:

Tis quite a good phone, my mother has one, its rather larger than you would expect, by no means is it the greatest on the market, but good for what it is, do you have anyother options for you?

Well I could get this one also LG C2000 I have no ideal who makes it it only say LG

ewwwww, stay away from LG, my personal experiences with LG makes me want to run away from them, the motorla is by Far a better choice
Do they ahve any Nokias on offer, IMO the superior.

my personal experience is not of that particular phone, but the Motorola piece of rubbish I got with my contract. I think from that sentence you can gauge my opinion.

The USB connectivity was rubbish (didn’t work), the power charger lead clip broke within two weeks of having the phone, takes an absolute age to start up and once it has forget about trying to use it for more than a couple of hours in a day - battery life was terrible. Couple that with the in-car charger not charging unless the phone was turned off :cuckoo: I’ll always stay away from Motorola from that one experience.


Listen to THE MAN, hes right… pile of poopoo :slight_smile:

samsung are leading the way I think with Sony not so far behind :slight_smile:

if u can get them but pay a little :slight_smile: then there your best bet :slight_smile:

Personal preference but hook at “Smart phones” the MDA compact is real good, I hare one, there a new one out now with Wi-fi and a pull out keyboard

my motorola i have is the best little phone i have ever had and ive had a lot of phones but i dont think mines would suit you but i am over the moon with it never had any problems with it at all i have the pink motorolla V220 and i LOVE it

Motorola have mode a couple of BRILLIANT phone, my partners (grrrdette) being the best symbian phone on the market razrv3x, that phone is just great.
Samsung and sony have problem with connectivity where each phone range have different chargers and head sets and such, where nokia from their earlier stuff still use the same charge (so go round someones hoouse, they will have a charger)

but tbh in this day an age, mobiles are not built to last, so get one you like the look of and know that they have an expected (and in the companies eyes- acceptable) life span of 2years. Unless you get a good old classic 3310, those phones last forever!

Just got my wife a V3 Razor:cool: I spent more than i wanted but shes a good wife (sometimes) :smiley:

i wanted a Motorola a630, but it was perfect for me and kirsty…
but suddenly, it disapperd without ever being sold in our shops…
if anyone can get hold of one, that works in England… TELL ME, i WANT IT