Moving Nokia Phone Contacts to a Sony Ericsson?

I’ve just got a Sony Ericsson W810i and I want to copy my hunderds of contacts over from my Nokia 6230i. Is there an easy way to do this without using the sim card method? Any trick utilities out there?

Help me please! :confused:

piece of paper and a pen…

Thanks! That will be fun for my 400ish contacts with multiple numbers and e-mail addresses! :wink:

is there not a transfer to PC option? like with a PDA?

is there not an option to send the contacts to the other phone via infered or bluetooth, does the phone come with software that will allow you to xfer your contacts from phone to pc and vice versa?


I’ve not checked yet to be honest. You can backup the Nokia and copy the contents to another Nokia but I just presumed this wouldn’t be compatible with the Sony, I’ll have a go later, thanks.

I would try to go “through” something rather than a straight copy of the files for each contact. For instance, take from Nokia into Outlook, then from Outlook to new phone. Will mean that you don’t get sillies from using the sim card method like all names in capitals like it did to me going from Motorola to NEC. It would seem they all tend to have a little difference in the format of the file, hence suggest going through something to make life hopefully a little easier. Got a SIM reader kicking around here somewhere if you need.


Did it with Outlook straight away, that’s such a good way of copying your contacts and backing them up :slight_smile:

404 contacts, glad I didn’t use a pen and paper :wink:

Also there is a sim card reader method comes with X amount of memory…can be used to copy entire sim cards… also if you put your nokia sim into the sony ur sony will give an option to copy all numbers off the sim :stuck_out_tongue:

that is true about using the SIM method, but as I stated, if you take that method the differences in .vcf format can make weird things happen to the contacts, mine went all capitals for some weird reason when I did it using sims, went through Outlook and everything was fine.

Glad to be of help R33, my pita experience came in usefull :lol:


I usually backup to Windows Address Book.

yea the outlook method works. all you need to is connect the Nokia to the PC. you’ll need Nokia PC suite software installed on your pc before you connect the phone. then select synchronise then follow instruction once you have sync-ed with outlook or outlook expresss then you need to install the pc suite for k850i in tools you;l have synchronisation and simply select the option which sends all information from pc to phone. and then away you go!! (on a world tour lol)

Holy 2.5yr old thread revival batman! :slight_smile:

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