MS offers to exchange dodgy copies of Xp for the real deal

From The Inquirer

SOFTWARE FIRM Microsoft said that it has started a Windows XP counterfeit programme and is offering to replace dodgy copies of the OS with the real thing.
Anyone who has suspicions that they are using counterfeit software are being invited to submit product to Microsoft for analysis.
Alex Hilton, licence compliance manager at Microsoft UK, said: “This is a great opportunity for users to confirm the authenticity of Windows XP software while helping gather vital information about legal traders”.
You can get details of how to take advantage of the offer by going to this Microsoft site.
The trade is subject to the terms and conditions of the offer. Those are on its web site. Up to five submissions per person are accepted, Microsoft said.

You have to return the product along with a witness statement, original material supplied with the OS and a receipt or supplier invoice. µ

“Dear Microsoft, I think the copy of Windows XP I downloaded off Kazaa might be counterfeit. I suppy a copy of the cd I burned it on and a signed statement with the username of the person I downloaded it from :…”

heheh i bet there are loads of people mailing in their burnt cds right now!

you can see bill gates just throwing them in the bin and not sending 1 real copy out at all :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone sent him a copy of REDHAT or similar :smiley:

LOL poor bills loosing money :smiley:

hmm should i send him a copy of win xp corp ?? :smiley: