Multifuel engines?

Anyone know much about multifuel engines?

Just been looking at something with the following on its advert

240 BHP V8 15 litre diesel multifuel engine will run on vegetable oil & can tolerate up to 50% petrol / diesel mix

And the question is will this run on ordinary diesel or is that too refined?

I say by the description that no issues with oil fuel’s and I’d say std derv will be fine, I would say Its std diesel mechanics and thus why 50% petrol is quoted as I think that will be the point where the compression will not be generating enough heat for combustion of the petrol without sparkies.

Sounds a bit under powered though for 15L engine

Sounds a bit under powered though for 15L engine[/QUOTE]

I´ve driven one of these with a multifuel engine and the same power rating. Was quite nippy for 16 tons!

Underpowered = under stressed!

Prob lots of Torque, indeed if you had the fuel it happilly go around the world several hundred times.

I think {Don’t quote me on this} Modern Multi-fuel engines of that size hit 800-900 HP

For somebody in the know and for spending some cash much more power power could be had out of that beast.

240 Bhp Seems to be enough to make it quite an able beast

At work, we’ve got a few Dakotas with the Gas / E85 multifuel engines. No local infrastructure for E85 yet, but Dodge claims that you can run straight gas, straight E85 (85% ethanol, 15% gas) or any mix in between.

Sounds like a nice option…if you have the ability to make use of it.