Multiplier locked XP's (SocketA variety)

Can anyone remember the full extent of the multiplier lock on the SocketA XP’s.

Rumbling away in the back of my mind is that the lock was introduced 2003 week 39, but was it just the bridges being hidden or were the wired pin mods locked out as well?

The reason I ask is that I have a pair of bridge and pin-modded XP2500’s (to MP2600’s) and I’ve finally had the time today to nail down the rigs recent poor D2OL performance down to one of them failing - so, I’m on the lookout for a replacement…

PS - before anyone starts with XP-M comments, I know which ones of those are a suitable replacement and I’m not looking for a massive overclock - this is a duallie running primarily as a server.

Well looking loverly poster sized pic of my old XP2500

That was a 0330UPMW unlocked

New chip packaging… Links are there … If it were to be locked you would still have
all the multiplers upto 12.5x to play with.

Ickle check its all processors after week 0339

If your electrically handy…

If you look at the pick above :wink: Locate the L5 bridge links

you have 4… | ¦ ¦ ¦

The 3rd link from the left controls if the Processor acts as an Mobile or not

So if you were carefull… scraped abit of laqure away to reveal a bit of both sides of the
link… then made a rejoin… it would convert it to an X-PM

So it would be | ¦ | ¦

If you wanted it as an MP it would be | ¦ | |

***Note there are also other issue and you would maybe need to cut L6 bridges
that defines the upper limit of the Mobile multipliers (stuff to do with on the fly
multiplier adjustment under mobile conditions).

Have a read through this article…

If you get stuck for one holler, I think I have some week 33 around here.

Paul, I have 2 x 266FSB 2800 512k cache processors here. Could you “MP” them for me?

That would be possible yes :nod: think Bilko mentioned one or 2 Mojo’s ago
you were after doing something like that.

Are we talking New chip style or the old ?

I make no promises on the new style chip’s its harder… but I have modded the new style before now with no issue’s yet.

I ask because if its new… and I were to say do it at yours on the next meet (If i’m there)
I’d need a very good source of bright light.

If its old… a few seconds and job done with the conductive paint… just needs a while
to cure and jobs a good un.

Umm…old I think.
Let’s leave it until I see you next, I don’t have one in front of me ATM.
We can strip one out and have a look.

Thanks for confirming my failing memories PMM :slight_smile:

Very generous offer Major :hail:

Will try my hand on fleabay first before I take you up on that - I’ve got around 10 days before I get access to the rig again so there’s no massive rush at present.

What board are you using Mojo? The Asus doesn’t need them to be modded and I’ve a feeling the Gigabyte board has detection turned off as well.