Mum's website

Hi guys,

I don’t have much idea whats involved with this, but my mum is thinking about a very basic webpage, (can’t call it a site) would probably be 1 page, 2 max.

I know it would need designing and hosting, any ideas on cost? I know, it all depends on what she wants, so…

Company logo
Contact details
and a few pics of the work she does.
(She’s an artist that does mainly pet portraits and landscapes)
No selling from the site, no monetary transactions, no usernames or passwords.
Like I said, very basic

Sound easy enough?

Any help or contacts for designers and hosters appreciated, I’ll pass on the details



Hosting a basic site like that shouldn’t be a problem, most ISP, offer webspace for personal websites with the package (at least here in the US). Looking at it from a designer point of view, the 5-10 meg space provided by the ISP should be more than enough, some even offer guestbooks and the likes. If you or she doesn’t know anything about website construction (actual coding) then you would need to get into contact with an actual designer. Being at most what you are talking about is just a basic HTML site I personally could set one up in relatively a couple hours to have it up and ready to upload to the webserver.

Most M$ Offfice Suites offer a website design program called FrontPage which is a very nice beginner program if you are wishing to do it yourself without the expense of a designer to create and maintain the site when it needs updating of recent art works.

(Design of way I am seeing your description thus far)
Front Page (index.htm)
Who Am I and basic personal information
What the site is about
[B]Contact Page /B
Link to email address if so desired
Link to Guest book if so desired
Link to Blog
Link to forum page
Image Gallery (image.htm or thumbs.htm)
Gallery of her works which I preferably like thumbnails for this with each thumbnail linked to each individual artwork
Art Works themselves which can either be the image themselves or an html page that displays the artwork in full size

That would be a very basic site I would personally set up.

If her ISP doesn’t provide webspace:
geocities (part of yahoo now) offers a nice free package including a nice 1gig of space for email and webstuff for free.

hth a bit

Most helpful.

As far as I know she doesn’t have a PC yet let alone an ISP, think she logs on at a local library

For something like that, maybe a premimum account freewebs might be an idea? She can use templates and everything to construct it. And paying a bit means you can remove there banner adverts and also have your own domian name rather than

Saying that because if she’s using a machine in the library, she cant use Nvu, which is a very very good editor…