My boy comes home tomorrow

Went to see Elmo today (well yesterday really :wink: ), he is nearly ready. CAN’T WAIT!!!
Should be back MOT’d tomorrow.


New loadspace floor (old rotten)
New outer sills (old rotten)
Inner wings in engine bay repaired (shot to pieces)
HD springs and shocks all round (standard height, old ones frighteningly worn)
HD steering damper
Front & rear suspension “deflexed”
Steering and diff guards
Track rod ends replaced
New brake lines and S/S hoses
EBC uprated brake pads & discs
New alloys and BFG AT’s fitted
HD front bumper
Bull bar
Rear light guards
2 x 100W Wipacs on bull bar
Chequer plate inner door lining
Cubby box :slight_smile:

Still to do myself:

12S socket
Roofbar with 4 x 55W lights
Worklamp interior rear
Mud-Club splats :slight_smile:
Stereo head unit
Fire extinguisher

So in true “Forth Bridge” style he isn’t finished, but I can at least drive him. A looooooong wait for the welding but having seen the quality of this guy’s work well worth it.

Will post link to piccies in my Mud-Club profile as soon as I have them.

Looking forward to seeing the finished article, preferably with a good coating of mud!

Your going to need that engine just to keep the lights on :smiley:

Sounds good, especially a fan of the bullbar on the front, can’t be doing
with all this new “Padestrian Impact freindly stuff” :cool:

MOT passed , but too late today for pickup.
Photos over the weekend.

How many laps of the front field so far then ?

Several :slight_smile: Aided and abetted by the Shropshire Monsoon, which although it stops me taking any decent pictures has contributed to mud on the roof :smiley:

Well if you get it stuck I’ll find something to tow you out with, I owe you a vehicle recovery.


And it wont be a Daihatsu either!

You got space in your back field martin ?

Is that the best you can do to equal the powah of an unleashed Disco? :wink:

Piccies up!

Looking good Mojo :thumbsup:

Nice motor you have there.

Ideal for popping down to Zebrabar and having a couple of Flags.

Don’t tempt me, although I’ll be damned if I’ll leave him in the Gambia :eek: :stuck_out_tongue: :flip:

Seems to cope with the mud quite well.
You need to upgrade the mud, the slimy front field just isnt a challenge for Elmo

hehehehhe bring the Die-Hat-Sue and we’ll see who is the daddy :wink: Free tows for Jap-Crap!

Your making the rash assumption it would even get to shropshire.

Dont worry, I’ll have an upgrade for the Daihatsu this week.