My Brute

Check it out

Sign up & start fighting, You can challenge 6 people per day :catfight:

ouch, you beat me easily :frowning: :smiley:

bit of a heads up for you guys…

seen this bouncing about on several forums regarding a virus linked to the my brute site

Only started it today :slight_smile:

used all my quota up, so can’t fight (pick a fight) with anyone until tomorrow
not sure how it works if you challenge me…

I assumed it allowed a fight with me even though I used up my quota ?

its becoming a bit of craze at various places :slight_smile:

//edit… @Gizmo…clean as far as i can tell, reading one of the posts in the link looks like an I.e./Symantic issue pos. leading to a false positive.
I use Firefox not I.e. and can confirm no such oddities.

Firefox here too, no issues :xfinger:

PMM - I used your link, created a character, fought you, then used todays quota, no fights left today for me either :lol:

When I have some free I’ll come give you a slap tomorrow :catfight: :smiley:

Come on then, if you think you’re hard enough :lol:

probably not going by todays fights lol… :smiley: