My diskless shall be leaving Rosetta

…and returning to folding - the win boxes scattered about will remain until I hit the target of 100K.

Reason - maintenance far too high. I’ve just had to manually abort at least 100 units (link here).

This was caused on a couple of the machines by them hanging during a Rosetta unit whilst I was away from the looks of the logs. I’m looking forward to the next version of Boinc that means Linux boxes get same/similiar credit as m$ boxes :frowning:


Yeah, Pain in the harris but gives the dedicated a chance to rack a few up on the less interested :slight_smile:

Well my main rig is still a rosetta machine, but laptop is now on Folding…but 18 days to return one unit?! :eek: Might have to be put back on BOINC…:rolleyes:

So having manually aborted all the soon to be overdue Rosetta WUs, Boinc has decided to start crunching one due on 08/03 when there’s 9 other WUs with shorter deadlines. :confused: Probably be ok though. :shrug:

I’ve got the same problem Balrog. I had to abort 8 Rosetta units that were due today, and I had been finishing them well before the deadlines even set at 33% production. It has seemed though that every box that I have had Rosetta on that I have had to babysit BOINC as DT has had to keep production going.

Amen to that one Brother…

Rosetta has got very babysitting lately…
Something which forced me to swap my laptop to folding…even if it does take an hour to finish a frame…:stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one DT.

I’ll see what else is still bootable in tha garage, I vaguely remember pillaging stuff from the pile and I had a Sempron 3100 I never got to boot, must do some RMA stuff with that.

I feel there is more folding ability at TFW towers than the present contribution.

Whats all this hour per frame stuff Drezha ?
My boxes take 20 ish hours (barton 2500’s) to do a chunk, is that about right ?

each unit is made up of frames from 100 - 400 depending on what type of unit you get, IE: Gromac’s, Tinker, Amber, GbGromacs and DbGromacs to name a few, if you run Electron Microscope 3 it will give you this infomation and an estimated finish time per frame and unit. It will also help you keep an eye on networked clients as well, another good program is DC Monitor but doesen’t give as much information.

hth, Curly

Sounds like your doing a unit in 20 hours TF…
I’ve got a 400 frame unit and I do a frame in about an hour :stuck_out_tongue: