My egg

ok ok, you talked me into it :wink:

Nah just got too curious:)

It’s a yoke eggstraviganza!
Very good walter they cracked me up,
i dont eggactly think ill be able to beat you with these,
these are really scramblingmy brain though :slight_smile:
And no i havent poached her egg,
and dont mistake the cracks in wolrams shell for wrinkles now will you:p

9 Beat that!.. woops 10 :smiley:

Oh my gawd, someone mail Walters coat to him. He’s been booted from the pub;)

OMG it’s catching :eek:

TPR version of The Chicken Run :lol:

… and no, I’m not getting broody :wink:

Congratulations proud parents, your eggs have now hatched :wink:

or is it Jurassic Park 6 - Return of the Crunchers :smiley:

Endres newborn reminds me of my Mother in law … minus the curlers :wink:

just checking my egg to see what i have :wink:

awwww its so cuite :stuck_out_tongue:

You must have gotten a defective one (rotten egg) since it hasn’t hatched yet.

if you refresh the page you will see what hatched :slight_smile:

Oi!!! I resemble that comment :stuck_out_tongue:

:doh: Thanks Helen. I was seeing everybody else’s but yours.

mine maybe pink but it looks cool :),
and congrats on the worm juggy :stuck_out_tongue:
btw some of the critters will grow up further but others will not.
and septembers egg is on its way!:stuck_out_tongue:

/me slaps himself.

Doris the wookie just called, she was lying in slumber not doing much as there not been many parties recently, anyway - she moaned being woken by some crunching and burping. She can cope with the custard machine, she sleeps through that now, and the screams from the DonnaDarko dungeon.

Anyone seen anything that I can set Doris on ? :wink:


Hee hee think thats cool but would have been better if it had ate my sig :wink:

oh dear, someone has WAY too much time on her hands! :wink:

so do you by the looks of it having quads after just hatching a new born :wink:

soryy SB, but i dont understand why having 5 running around would take up my time, thats what the woman is for

/me waits for the women to flood into the room:p

you’ll have a long wait, Friday is Bedrooms/Bathrooms and Hall/Stairs

They should be finished for about 3pm though :smiley:

LOL PMSL ROFL etc etc etc etc thanks wol, i have now spat coke all over a document i just spent 3 hours preparing. back to the printer i guess!