My egg

WOOT my egg hatches tomorrow i wonder what it will hatch into im all excited

hope it doesnt bite :wink:

huh? egg? where did you find it, i hope that you didnt remove it from some birds nest?

Told Hids, its going to be a gremlin and its going to eat your sig

:haha: that can be arranged :devil:

(it’s the little egg thing to the right of the stats in Helens siggy :wink: )


I know it’s a girly thing but I had to have one too:chuckle:

ohhhh i my egg has a friend :wink:

Yay, a group of eggheads:rolleyes:

Awwwww the eggs wont hatch till 8am in the morning as the site is from calafornia :frowning:

hmmmmm it still aint hatched :frowning:

You have been sitting on it … haven’t you ? :wink:

nah ive been leaving that to andy :stuck_out_tongue:

oh dear :eek:

right, here is what to do … think very carefuly, has Andy had egg with any meal lately ? Has he been acting strange or looking guilty (offering to do the washing up, ironing, etc are classic signs).
Examine the egg closely … are there signs of tampering ? Can you see any telltale pin holes, or is there a very faint line running around the shell (that may smell slightly of Bostik) :shrug:

If you are then in any doubt about the integrity of your egg, please ring the Egg Help Hotline on 078831-77344062 and talk to a trained advisor :slight_smile:

**if you or a member of your family have been affected by anything in this post, please contact our personnel on the above number **

Isn’t the helpline 1EGG81EGG

You seem to be confusing your Egg Hotlines Juggy :smiley:

In the UK we only have small to medium eggs of the correct size/weight/colour (as specified by our European Masters), therefore the number is different to the International one which deals with eggs that are more varied in their appearance. :wink:

… how is the baby Ostrich coming along by the way :lol: :lol:

OOh this is all very eggciting!

Shuddup … and keep hatching :smiley:

Im sorry,
I just cant help it when someone mentions egg’s i just crack!,
and i cant stop the eggstrodinary yokes!


The sound of a shotgun being cocked echoes through the forum …

Andylamb discovers he’s sitting on more than just an egg :lol:

Eggactly im sitting on a chair :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok folks, yolking aside, this is all eggtremely amusing but i can see the cracks appearing in Wolrams normally eggquisitely calm shell :wink: There is no need to get boiling mad about this, and anyway, can Scottishbird prove that Andy hasn’t poached her egg and replaced it with a fake? I think she has got her dates a bit scrambled to be honest, some women cant be relied upon to be eggsact.

they’re all clucking mad in here ;0

Andy, over to you to beat 11