My electric supply update thread ....

the energy watchdogs do the chasing for you, one phone call and I’ve claimed 6days lost earnings and all phone call charges once the phone bill arrives.

got four meetings tomorrow when they are allegedly coming that I simply cannot miss - closest is twenty minutes away at 10am, then two 30mins away from there then one on the way back. Going to make things interesting, not cancelled any of them as I simply don’t believe they’ll turn up.


Hello :wave: from a nice stable 240v supply :slight_smile:

It turns out the ones who dug up the pathway opposite had traced a water pipe and not electric, which would explain why they hit a water pipe then …

So I’m now on a different feed, same as neighbours who are away on hols and I ran my UPS in there when ours was flickering and they had good supply. So fingers crossed :xfinger:

Here comes the acid test though - farm is powering up :slight_smile:


Good luck DT! Really hope it works out for you :wink:

…and lights throughout Berkshire dim ever so slightly :chuckle:

:haha: :haha:

that spinny thing in the meter has little lines on it to show usage, earlier today these lines were visible …

not anymore :devil: the thing is flying round at 52xCdrom speed I’m sure :eek: :lol:

TPR has some ground to make up on Seti with the race :Poke:


…Glad to hear the good news DT! :slight_smile:

:woot: go DT!!

cue songs of Guess who’s back :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet you felt like frankinstein when the power came back.
Nice one m8 :slight_smile:

DoubleTop is playing Snap - I’ve got the power