My electric supply update thread ....

Cue event log then :slight_smile:

Last Saturday, became impossible to watch the TV with the lights on as the lights were flickering so much.

Sunday - went to pub and bumped into :wink: electrician I know.

Monday AM - new consumer fuse box fitted, internal circuits all tested OK

Tuesday 2AM - beeping UPS is back again, waking up the whole house :mad:

Tuesday 2pm - man from electric supplier turns up - “yup, your supply is naffed, I’ll book a jointer to get your main link from the supply checked/repaired”

Wednesday - cancelled two meetings at work to wait in for jointer = no show

Thursday - jointer turns up - tests a few things all reading fine :confused: “could have been the water leak round the corner”. I’m not convinced but can’t argue as supply was good for last 6hours.

Thursday PM - on goes the farm, down goes the supply voltage again. Thinks a pattern is emerging. Cooker on, lights flicker - yup, try to pull high load and the supply goes - call board to get man back again.

Friday AM - engineer arrives, not a jointer, just a standard bloke - he books a jointer again and makes note of chap who came Thursday to report him

Friday PM - phone call, is there property access about 11pm, we can make it then - fine is my response, neighbours are all away on holiday. 10:30pm comes the call that they have a higher priority job and will be there in the morning.

Saturday - two blokes turn up in two vans, no digger - explain the situation and he is quite angry with the call bookng people that have not told him the history and hence he hasn’t got the right kit. 1hour round trip back to depot to get digger …

Digging starts :smiley: mini JCB digging up the path…

(note that car is not mine, but is the pride and joy of the young lad opposite)

…yet they can’t locate the joint box, digging from one side so start from the other side …

It’s wet all of a sudden, yup - they’ve hit a water pipe …

Thames Water phoned, emergency line, water shortage and this pipe is chucking out at some pressure - response time = 5hours.

Closing for now, my electric supply is going to be coming off a 4mm (internal) lead that they are going to joint to either the street light or next doors supply.

Another few days of being unable to work properly, it’s rather tricky to complete my work when I can’t turn on more than one machine without voltage dips. Not a hope of compensation. :frowning:

got to shoot without uploading pics, police car and Water van have just arrived, police is for moving of the parked cars …


well I have power, and it appears on first 15 minutes to be more reliable, the fact it is coming out the nearby streetlight and I have a 4mm cable running through the house front window to the fusebox …

Water board was a man to assess the cause, basically to decide if Thames Water could charge the electric company for neglect and damage. So water is still pouring out a big hole in the ground, not expecting a gang to arrive to fix that for another four hours …

Water pipe was not as deep as it should have been was the reason for the break. So with todays correctness could be a case of whole road up now as they can’t fix something that is not to todays standards of depth without making it meet the standards. A nice lovely cast iron pipe !!!

Only at my house … :sigh:


Wait till the street lights come on and see if the power is clean then :eek:

Seriously, it sounds like you gonna have a few more days of pain yet. Hope it gets sorted out soon.

If that were me, I’d book a weeks holiday and naff off until it was sorted.

seems that the concerns and fears are true. In theory the streetlight should have a seperate “T” to the main line. It would appear not, getting exactly the same dipping using that as supply :frowning:

Water leak is fixed now though, still no decent power so going to call them back out for a double-time Sunday. What this also means of course is a complete new feed is probably required from the hole across the road into the house. I do hope not though :xfinger:

Tried damn hard to convince them not to route it through my meter, they had none of it :frowning:


IMO it is not your fault that you are having no power and having the inconveniance of not being able to work or live properly,
your not reciving the service you pay for,
So surly you should not have to pay for the tempory supply or at least be compensated :(,
Well i hope all is well soon m8 :slight_smile:

pics taken from kids bedroom window added.

It’s truly comical - I just rang to let them know that I still have crap supply from the temp supply. Call-out is suspended on the system marked as due to lack of access due to cars in the way. :confused:

call me fick, but if the cars were in the way I would not have a great big hole in the pathway opposite my house :confused: Both cars that could be considered in the way have owners who are on holiday abroad, and housemates without car keys :cry:

and STILL they won’t up it to a priority call as I do have some form of power, so if someone calls Monday morning with no supply, they will get fixed first, just like what happened with Friday nights engineer.

:cry: :furious: :cry: :mad: :cry:

I wonder how they will react to an invoice :chin:


another day of pain and contacting the industry watchdog to complain. I’ve been reasonable so far but this morning the air went blue :censored:

“sorry sir, we don’t have the resources available, and you do have some power”

Allegedly they are now coming tomorrow to finish off, current max load on I can have is fridge and freezer, cable modem and laptop. If I turn on a light it then goes :frowning: If I thought it wouldn’t be risky and damage appliances I’d pull massive load and burn the :censored: link to main.


todays UPS event log reaches new heights, 908 instances of AC power loss


you got my sympathy dude, i know how fustrating power problems can be. might be worth going and getting yourself a geny and some micro generation stuff and see if you can isolate yourself from the grid alltogether :wink:


So if you had a sudden urge to spend £60 at argos on 10 of these and find that a 22Kw drain was too much for the temporary link . . . . .

Just a thought

cooker, electric heater, aircon, dishwasher, washing machine, shower.

It’s not happy …



The Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations 2002, which came into force on the 31st January 2003, replacing The Electricity Supply Regulations 1998, formally confirm the UK standardised supply voltage tolerances at 230V -6% to +10%. (216.2 - 253V)

Now the engineer the other day tested my feed, and it was 256V and told me that was within limit :mad: So then, now I’m digging out bills for broken electric items … as a known consequence of this high voltage supply is a shorter lifespan on electrical items. So three years ago the standard was changed, and from reading up on the effects of a high voltage feed such as short life of electrical items, I’m going bonkers here - I hate to think, in 9years we’ve had three cookers blow up, 2 washing machines and a kettle lasts about 4months.

My UPS gives logs from the last four months - time to call EnergyWatch again with more ammo for the complaint. If they had fixed it when they should I wouldn’t be digging quite so hard - I’m going for them now :bondage:

So so so mad :furious:

and here was me thinking it was the crunchers responsible for the sudden rise in bills over the last three months


Sounds bad :frowning:

Hope it’s all sorted soon and you get some kinda of compensation out of it :S

Oh my word, what a sorry story. Doesn’t modern beurocracy drive you :realmad:
Feel for you mate.

Cor !! :eek: all those leaflets everyone gets advising how to save power, and the barstewards are giving you extra :rolleyes:

Best of luck on the quest for recompense DT :nod:

and if you eventually need folk to go round chucking lumps of scrap metal into some local sub stations, just shout :chuckle:

:haha: :haha:

a bit concerned now though, noticed as going out to work tonight :o that the house OPPOSITE is flickering in sync with our flickering. we asked the neighbours, they were all fine but opposite as well means it could be an entirely different problem :cry:


Maybe … just maybe … there is someone in the street/close proximity that has some kind of machine that’s pinching all the power :confused:

have a close look at any passers by, see if you can spot lots of scar tissue and bolts through their neck … they may also be walking strange, like they have 2 left feet

you could also try shouting IGOR at 2am, see who answers :smiley: :smiley:

yikes that must really really suck :frowning: i agree with drezha, i would hope that some compensation is in order

I would keep bugging your supplier until they fixed the problem… calling twice a day… asking to speak to higher ups… keep on their case… they will fix it faster trying to get you to leave them alone :slight_smile:

works for me with the internet provider… had troubles 8months ago and kept bugging them again and again… they replaced everything in the house and the line out to the pole outside and it fixed it… just had to keep bugging them :slight_smile: