My fault?

Getting an error Fatal error: “GD2 library is not presented” for my gallery.

it’s using this to power the gallery -

now it worked the other day so is it something my host have done? Because I haven’t touched anything recently:(

I would say yes, the GD libs are part of there setup if your not hosting
yourself, everything i’ve used on by hosted sites have always worked
flawless i’ve never had to say where this or that points.

If you host has some forums, check it out to see if there have been
any changes or there server status incase they have had an outage
and its borked something.b

would having a different IP address cause this also ?

just wondered from posts I read yesterday (elsewhere) about some ISPs changing their stuff around and giving customers new addys :shrug:

Just checked and the site is down at the minute…

Will check to see if it works once they get sorted. Cheers.

@wolram - Dont think so.

My ISP is the goverment…My ISP is :wink: