My new sub box

Massive Attack, Portishead (where I now live :smiley: ) everything but the girl, Roni Size (quite into the Bristol sound)

Then it goes all over the place, Ugly kid joe, Bond, Faithless, Linkin Park, Eric Clapton, Chopin, Sicilian Folk music, Meatloaf, Berlin, Nousson N’Dour, Kylie, Beethoven, Phil Collins, MOP, Gorillaz, etc etc.

However I like to feel bass, not just hear it.

Then you want ported. :slight_smile:

I would maybe say a 12" sub in a ported box would be useful…it’ll be loud, plus it’ll drop nicely with Drum ‘n’ bass, Rock etc. Match it up with a half-decent amp and you’ll have plenty bass to play with.

Was thinking about on of these

And they give you the box specification to build. Then just a nice amp.

What’s your total budget for everything? Much better subs than JBL available. What made you pick that one?

I can’t remember if you said you had stock speakers up front or not. You’d need to amp these, or you’ll just drown the car with bass.

Don’t forget cable costs too.

Bout a grand

Need component speakers, sub and box, and amps.

Chose JBL cos I thought they were a good make.

£1000 should get you a kick-ass set-up m8.

How are your front speakers set up now? Do you have mids in the doors and treble units in the dash?

Mids and trebles in the doors. Nothing in the dash.

6x9’s (or equivalent) in the parcel shelf.

That’s ok. You can use components for the door then.

The 6x9’s will have to go…:nono:

I compiled a quick setup last night for you…it should sound really nice, quality as well as loud. :slight_smile:


Agree on the 6x9’s

Time to pop to Autoleads.