My new toy

Recently bought a 2 hand MacbookPro which is still under warranty and the new toy has arrived pre loaded with OS Leopard but not the Snow version as I had thought. I have the Leopard OS disk and another disk which has the various additional programs.

Now for the silly question. The lappy has a MAC version of CS4 loaded but didn’t come with the install disk/s. If I were to upgrade to Snow Leopard does it overwrite everything on the HD as per Windows… I suspect the answer is yes, but thought to ask all the same, just in case I continue to be lucky and Apple do it differently. :xfinger:

Nope you should be good.

OSX ain’t Winders

:xfinger: Cheers m8. I bit the bullet and installed Snow Leopard over the original OS and it worked a treat. All proggies remain intact. :trophy:
Now I just have to work out where everything is??? :slight_smile:

Might have to redo my internet router setup as I’ve forgotten the soddin password. My luck had to run out sometime. :slight_smile: