My Oh My

If I knew all it would take is to stop doing stats for a couple days…
Gee you could have told me you hated them:D

:trophy:Dockers #1 RAC and #7 Overall:trophy:

Way to go team Phoenix Rising!
Hmm now the plan was to get new stats at 4:00 utc. I wonder what you all would do if I didn’t:Plot:

Seriously awesome crunching team! Yes stats back at 4:00 UTC.

On another note, crazy about the new guy and gal I been working with on the site… shh but sometime I wonder how they got into the university:)

I don’t know if any here ever go into the Stellar Nights gallery, but my friend Paul Rix has put up some awesome images. including a new one of ISS and M-51 should take a peek.

Ok back to work, and new stats tonight… and thanks for the smile you put on my face this morning

Thanks Heidi! :slight_smile: