My sister's graduation day

Just a short video clip of my sister Sara in her robe and cap today after receiving her diploma for becoming an ODP (Operations Department Practice) nurse, which means she is qualified to work alongside doctors in the Operating Theatre. Well done my baby sis!

Congrats to your sis Droid :clap:

Congratulations Droid’s sister :thumbsup:


congrats, and martin do you know what “muntered” actually means, cos seriously nowadays it aint pretty

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Hope your sister enjoyed the experience Droid.

Grandad out.

well done to her ^^

on a side note i like your site

Thanks guys. She had a great time and as a bonus, it wasn’t raining! We were all treated to strawberries and champagne afterwards too which was rather nice!

Congrats. Nice for a family when someone graduates :slight_smile: