My small pitance of a bonus spent


Seeing as I’ve not had decent Gfx card for a while now.

Went out today and brought something to tide me over.

New tech on old tech


Its AGP , Its Nvidia and its a 7800

Or more precise a BFG GeForce 7800 GS OC 256MEG (AGP)

Not quite the clout of its bigger PCI/SLI brothers but perfect for me :slight_smile:

Still give me the option of sticking it in a shuttle depending on what machine takes
me fancy to bring to mojo’s non of this twin width stuff.

PMM happy once more… and promises not to touch it (mod it)… Blow it up.

nice :smiley:

erm, you do realise that we can hold you to that … you put it in writing :lol: :lol: :deal:

very nice :)… was looking at these only yesterday, but I think I will get something pci-e as my next card.


You can for the reason… Can’t afford to kill it.