Name the case?

With a handy dandy drawer!!

It’s aluminium I think, well magnets don’t stick

Bit of nostalgia Abit AN7 (bios code = dead)

The case is pretty sweet, has been lined with soundproofing as well.


Found it, Antec Super Lanboy

Soundproofing ?
So its insulated, sounds like the makings of an ATX Beer Fridge!

kinda - thanks to Facebook marketplace it has been converted to beer tokens!

I wonder at what age like cars we start calling our old computer stuff “Retro” or “Vintage” :roll_eyes::zipper_mouth_face::crazy_face:

I just gave away a Core 2 Duo era desktop for free since it was just getting in the way. Guy who took it was well into the retro scene. He seemed visibly hurt when I said I sent two 486 era systems to recycling a week or so ago. Apparently they’re going up in value. A quick look on ebay did suggest some selling for silly money, but then again that’s not uncommon there. My CRT monitor might be worth something too. Just, not to me. I need to find it again first.

I still have a Vtech sx-25 that worked last time I turned it on, upgraded to a dx2-50 I think.
May not be a DX2-50, it had a 50 somewhere in the CPU name, probably means at least 50% of the performance increase you expected, but probably less.
I did play quake online with it, over dialup on an external modem.
Connected 28.8k…
US players on early broadband used to ruin my day with the plasma thingy.

I know it is here somewhere, Like Mackerel and the game of hunt the CRT, it is just the somewhere that eludes me.

That and the urge to revisit windows 3.0 which draws on a Jurassic Park quote
“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” — Ian Malcolm