Need Help Please

Using Kubuntu Lucid
having issue with system rebooting automatically whilst using firefox 3.6.*
not had it before only just started.
How/what do I need to do to locate/fix prob?

No expert on KDE but I’d try uninstalling Firefox or using an alternative m8

been a long time since I used linux but try the logs at whatever the equivalent of /var/adm/messages and /var/log/syslog are to see if anything’s logged just before the crash.

Will update in 2hrs, may be sorted now.

Well It wasn’t the system! :doh:

A little as the culprit was the power surge unit which was doing it’s job because the switched socket was neither on or off, which I seem to of somehow done with my, erm, foot - figures!

Thanks for those willing to advise this ere :smiley: